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Blaze Infrared Burner Upgrade

Blaze Infrared Burner Upgrade

$137.49 Regular Price
$109.99Sale Price
  • Produces high heat ideal for searing meat to lock in juices
  • Replaces only the left-side standard burner in your Blaze grill


You can easily upgrade a standard burner in your Blaze gas grill with the Blaze Infrared Burner and take your grilling to the next level. It’s lit by a convenient flash tube, and produces a powerful 14,000 BTU to reach the high temperatures you need for searing steaks, pork chops, vegetables, and more. It replaces the left-side standard burner on your Blaze grill and is warranted for 1 year to the original owner against defects in manufacturing and workmanship. This warranty extends to the original purchaser against manufacturer defects for products purchased for ordinary single-family home use.

Sear burner in intended to only replace the left-side burner in your Blaze grill. Installing more than one sear burner is not advisable and can potentially cause structural damage to your grill. Blaze will not warranty any damages to grills with multiple sear burners installed.


Blaze Infrared Sear Burner Manual


Product Specs



16″ H × 6″ W

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